No audio in flash

There is video but no audio when using firefox to play flash videos. I installed F32 beta and it is fully updated. The firefox and flash-player are both the latest. What’s the problem?

There was post about Flash, Firefox and Wayland not working together.  Did you tried X-session?

I’m using wayland. There are once both video and audio. It seems that a recent update of the system makes the sound disappear.

How can I change wayland into X11?

You should find a gear icon on the login screen and change your session from there.

There is still no sound in the X11 windows system.

Is it really just under flash? I means if you remove flash, go to a YouTube video (not live!) the sound then works?

You might take a look to:

I got it. The audio of firefox is set to be mute by default in the system setting. This has never happened before. It’s very strange.

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