Adobe Flash not working in Firefox 75.0 on Fedora 31

Running x64 Fedora 31, and I cannot get Flash to work or even be recognized whatsoever. @FranciscoD requested me to make a new topic specifically to debug this. So far, I’ve followed the exact instructions on this page:

I can confirm that I DO have the Adobe Flash Player installed because when I go to quick search and type “Adobe” I can open the Adobe Flash Player Prefences window as shown on that page at the bottom. However, when I type about:plugins in Firefox, there is no Flash listed. I also followed a similar process to install OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. and that does successfully appear on about:plugins and it also does work properly in the browser. Any guidance here would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Assumption: your are currrently running Firefox in a Wayland session.

“If you want to run the Flash plugin, you must install the firefox-x11 package, since Flash requires X11 and GTK 2. Wayland also has a slightly different drag and drop behavior and strict popup window hierarchy.”

Reference: Firefox tips for Fedora 31 - Fedora Magazine