Need advice: installing F39 with Intel Arc A380 and Nvidia RTX A4500 - installer kernel panics

I tried to install Fedora 39 a couple of times, but each time, the kernel panics before the installer runs.
I’m currently running EndeavourOS, which I installed when I only had the Nvidia card. I then added the Intel card, and moved my monitors to it.

Any suggestions?

Should I remove one GPU, install Fedora, then add the other one back?

Asus ProArt Creator WiFi Z790 mobo
CPU: 13th Gen Intel i9-13900K (32) @ 5.500GHz                                                           
GPU: NVIDIA RTX A4500                                                                                   
GPU: Intel DG2 [Arc A380]                                                                               
Memory: 9726MiB / 128507MiB

Tried to ocr this, but couldn’t get anything usable:
Kernel panic screenshot