Fedora 39 gnome with geforce rtx 4070

Will Geforce rtx 4070 run on Fedora 39 gnome and there will be no problems?

Fedora is near bleeding edge (if you use rawhide) even stable is usually well ahead with newish features, so in short, there will always be some issues with NVidia graphics since they are closed source, so not open to releasing their code for their drivers to the open source software community.

Is there a chance they will open the code?

You’d have to check with NVidia, so far they barely treat the Linux community as existing. AMD definitely embraces the open source model better, but not top notch either. It seems with the advent of crypto currency, video cards and their driver api’s are too valuable to them.
[Edit] : Just for clarification, I wouldn’t let that (having an nvidia graphics card) stop me from running Fedora. Many here use NVidia products and do so successfully.

Yes, after a bit of configuration.

Initial install seems to require that the user select the troubleshooting – basic graphics install. Then to have the card function properly they must enable the 3rd party repos during the initial boot, then install the nvidia drivers from rpmfusion as soon as possible. It seems the nouveau driver does not support that card well, if at all, so the user may need to edit the grub command line and add the kernel argument nomodeset during boot for the card to function before the nvidia drivers are installed.

Once the install of the nvidia drivers completes that card seems well supported.

I have an RTX 3050 and the same steps were required.

None. Nvidia, rumor has it, has a show stopper that they rely on 3rd party code that they do not have the rights to distribute as open source and no hope of replacing/relicensing.

For typical day to day activities you should be ok. Games work, desktop works, Blender works with some configuration.

As to there being “no” problems that is a stretch. there will alway be apps that don’t work perfectly, but that is also the case on Windows.

and DLSS 2 + RT technology runs on Linux

Note, that on Linux you get the Nvidia driver and not the GeForce experience out of the box DLSS, RT and other features are not readily available without a lot of work for games. In many cases for games it is not supported at all through Steam Proton or other wine packages. If you need those features for games, Linux is not there yet.

edit : DLSS2 does work and needs to be activated in SteamProton. Configurations needed for it.

I wouldn’t even buy an RTX, but a Radeon, but the power consumption would be higher and I would have to replace the case because the new cards are too long.

Oh, sorry. I thought your question was about a RTX4070 on F39 Gnome

You think right, I want RTX 4070 and I will buy this graphics card, but Radeon will work better on Linux. Thank you for your help and explaining all this