Nautilus-image-converter appears in dnf but not software center

So I was trying to install the nautilus-image-converter package and I noticed that it doesn’t appear in the gnome software center, but it does appear in dnf. Is there a reason that it I can’t download it through the software center? And is there a way I can get it so that I can use the software center to download it?

Gnome Software Center uses application metadara to power the search (and also depends on the repo sources being enabled), so you might have better luck searching for “Nautilus” or “Image” rather than the package name.

Also, make sure the metadara is current by running pkcon refresh. It usually updates this shortly after login, but if you search before that’s done, you might get incomplete results.

It still is only finding nautilus in the software center. And I checked and I have every software repository selected in the preferences that doesn’t have “testing” or “Test Updates” in the name. So I shouldn’t be missing any of those.

Also, pkcon --refresh gave an error for me, but pkcon refresh worked

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As a guess, it looks like Gnome Software might only be showing applications, ie, those that ship a .desktop file, and nautilus-image-converter doesn’t ship one, since it is just extending nautilus, which shows up in Gnome as “Files”.

Filelist in nautilus-image-converter package
$ dnf repoquery -l nautilus-image-converter
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:56 ago on Tue 16 Aug 2022 12:30:12 PM PDT.

So, AFAICT, you are right that there isn’t a way to search for this in Gnome Software, but you could use dnfdragora, which is in the repos and gives more verbose results.

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I see, I was a afraid that was gonna be the answer, but thanks for clearing that up for me. I’ll check out dnfdragora, although if I have to go to a separate app anyway, I might just do it in terminal if I don’t find it in software.

Thank you

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If you open the entry for Files/nautilus it shows the package as an optional add-on that you can check to install.


Woah, I had no idea about this feature. All the same, it would be great if there were a way to specifically search for this.

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Just an other detail about the Files app in the Software section. In my setup i see two options to install files, one from gnome and the other from elementary. The one from gnome shows up the add-ons while from elementary not ?!

Nice, thank you for showing me that

Agreed, or some way to show in the search that it has add ons you can install if you click through

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This is really neat, Off topic but I don’t suppose theres a way to convert images easily or shrink them down somehow in terms of file size, I am using yoga image convertor and its a bit buggy at times and crashes.

It’s a great question, but since this one has already marked solved, I suggest you make a new topic for it.

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It’s because they are different applications. The application we’re talking about here is really called “Nautilus”, which is why only that version of files shows up when you search for Nautilus. Gnome renamed it Files as part of them choosing simpler names for their applications. The “Files” from Elementary is another application that just happens to also be named files. It may or may not be a fork of Nautilus, I’m not sure. The Nautilus/Files that comes with Fedora is the one with the blue file cabinet icon, with the developer being “The GNOME Project”.