How to re-install Nautilus plugins in Fedora 37 / GNOME 43?

When upgrading Fedora Silverblue 36 to Fedora Silverblue 37, I had to remove three packages as they don’t exist in Fedora 37 anymore:

compat-ffmpeg28 nautilus-image-converter gtkhash-nautilus

For the first two, it just explained, that the package does not exist anymore.

The last one said:

error: Could not depsolve transaction; 1 Problem erkannt:
Problem: widersprüchliche Anforderungen

  • nichts stellt bereit, das von gtkhash-nautilus-1.4-4.fc35.x86_64 benötigt wird

Given GNOME 43 reworked Nautilus quite somewhat, I guess there may be changes here, but what happened to these extensions, so how can I…

  • get back hashing support in Nautilus (what was provided by gtkhash-nautius)?
  • and image mass editing, i.e. nautilus-image-converter?
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Please bring back nautilus-image-converter in F37! I used it a lot, because it’s the easiest way for quick mass resize of images with nautilus!

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I would love to get nautilus-image-converter back in Fedora 37. I really miss it!

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