Issue in software center

nothing is installing right now just a new reboot still there is a 1 showing

What does sudo dnf upgrade do from the terminal?

it is for updating operating system kernel apps and os components through terminal non-gui way and software center is for gui focus users.

True, but they do operate differently. I have never had trouble using dnf and several posts report issues with the software app.


What does the ‘Find Out More’ button report?

Thanks Tom.

Sorry, I wasn’t asking because I didn’t know but because I wanted you to run that command and share any errors it might throw to help explain your Software Center issue…

You might use GNOME · GitLab for reporting bugs…

No actually i have run sudo dnf update
Installing dnf apps alsobut there is no issue what so ever but some days back i was downloading a app with software center maybe this was signal-desktop and it was failed for no reason said something like gpg error no signeture found and then i have reboot my system but that 1 symbol is still there after cancel so i think gnome software center has issues and it is a bug that need to be solved.

Sure i will do but gnome has already made a improvement on gnome software on 41 release maybe that update will resolve most of this issues so should i wait for or just report that issue rt now.

You should probably search for the issues starting with Simple Search and then moving upstream.

Please file a new issue if it can’t be located or provide additional information if it hasn’t been fixed.