Narrowing my focus to just DEI (for now)

Hey folks,
Recently, managing time has been tough and the guilt of not being active in all the Fedora things I used to be is piling up!
Due to some changes in my life (new job, new requirement in personal life, new hobbies), comes the changed priority list!

I wanted to share that I will mostly be focusing on #DEI and Accessibility working group moving forward. This doesn’t mean I will vanish from everything else… just that I need to manage my expectations and stop licking the cookie. I want to be able to spend more of my personal time doing DEI things and knowing that nothing else waits on me will help me plenty.

Apart from DEI, I would still be helping with our surveys (providing support to Mindshare team as a backup), Fedora Mentor Summit, event management a little bit but all these would be limited.

If you have any questions, please let me know and if I am being a blocker to something, I appreciate your extended patience. Definitely shoot me an email if needed.


Thanks for all your ongoing contributions Vipul! I’m glad we will still get to see you around some. The Open Source world is small, so this is a “see you later” and not a goodbye. :smiley:

Also, a nice hat tip to @bex :wink: