2023-10-26: Sprint end! Fedora Appreciation Week and changes to DEI Advisor handbook

Howdy everyone! The Fedora DEI Team met on Thursday, 26 October for our fortnightly meeting. This meeting was an audio/video meeting! Our notes and agenda are on HackMD.

Today’s meeting focused on two tickets:

  • #15: Fedora Appreciation Week 2023
  • #20: Revisiting the DEI Representative to Council Role

Additionally, this concludes our monthly sprint for October! We have shifted some ongoing items, like Appreciation Week, to the November sprint. I am also taking an action to write a quick status report about our October sprint on the Community Blog.

Detailed updates are below:

Status update

@jonatoni, @irdiis, and I continue to meet regularly in preparation for Appreciation Week. The current update since our last meeting:

  • Speaker invites: Work is ongoing to send invitations to guest speakers at the F39 Release Party & 20th Anniversary to share their Fedora & open source stories.
  • Contributor Stories: We are reaching out to more folks 1:1 to share a Contributor Story.
  • Social media: The Marketing Team is in the loop on our comms and we are working with them to promote the event.

Help wanted!

  1. Please help promote Fedora Appreciation Week in your personal social network. Use the Community Blog article.
  2. Write a Contributor Story.
  3. Share your favorite moments in Fedora in photos. Post them in this Fedora Discussion topic.

We reviewed the Responsibilities section of the DEI Advisor page. First, we looked at the page from this HackMD pad and did live editing together. Then, I converted it to AsciiDoc and opened docs!5 with the proposed changes. This is ready for review by the team.

@amsharma suggested that we couple these edits with a new page describing the roles and responsibilities of the Meeting Chair, which for now, is me. This would be a good opportunity to distinguish the two roles and also make it easier for someone else to fill in for the Meeting Chair, in case I am on holiday or out sick.

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A Community Blog draft summarizing our October sprint is now ready for review here. I intend to schedule this post for publication on Thursday, 2 November at 08:00 UTC.

Edit: It is now scheduled for Wednesday, 1 November!

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