2023-08-31 - Team meeting recap

The Fedora DEI Team reconvened for the first time in a while last Thursday, 31 August. This was the first meeting our team had in some time! Thanks everyone who was able to make it and attend. Our next meeting is scheduled for 2023-09-14T13:00:00Z and will take place over Matrix in #dei:fedoraproject.org.

News & announcements shared

Discussion topics

We discussed two topics primarily: the DEI Advisor role and Fedora Appreciation Week.

Recently, @siddharthvipul1 shared that he would step down as the DEI Advisor to the Fedora Council. Vipul has been a long-time champion of the team in the Fedora community and we appreciate all his contributions over the years in this capacity! :heart: Now, we need to nominate a new DEI Advisor to the Council. There is a Discussion post (linked below) with more details. A GitLab ticket will be opened soon to formally kick off the 1-week nomination period and then collect votes by team members.

Lastly, we discussed launching the next Fedora Appreciation Week timed to the 20th anniversary date of the Fedora Project. Right now, we are looking for volunteers to help and feedback on the meeting discussion from last week. We will continue to cover this topic in our next meeting too, since 6 November is coming up! See the GitLab comment below for more details.

In other news…

Speaking of GitLab… it is official! We have finally moved off completely from Pagure. I spent time earlier this week to migrate the remaining Pagure issues either to the Home or Initiatives repository, based on the feedback collected in @rwright’s HackMD pad for our old tickets. I also moved our docs from Pagure to a dedicated GitLab repo (below).

Now that everything is moved, we will continue to adjust our workflows to be GitLab-centric. Fortunately, we have the advantage of not having two competing places for comments and discussion. Also worth noting, the Pagure repo was set to read-only. That repository will be preserved on Pagure until we can eventually import the issue history into a new GitLab repo.

That’s all for now. See you next time!