2024-05-23 DEI Team meeting summary

Hello again! The DEI Team met last Thursday, May 23rd for our fortnightly meeting. A lot of focus went to the F40 Release Party, which started the next day after our meeting. However, we managed to get a lot done!

  • @ekidney wrangled our 2024 Q1 team report, coming soon on the Community Blog
  • The DEI Team is looking for video interviews about being a Fedora contributor. Our campaign for submissions continues. You can be a part!
  • Help us populate a Fedora media library on GitLab with openly-licensed images. This is intended to become an archive of Fedora photographs, videos, and other media that shows in detail what it is like to be a part of Fedora.
  • We will add a new issue template to our GitLab repository to streamline the process for existing team members to nominate new members.

That’s all for now. It was a busy meeting, with eight people and two bots participating! See you next time for our A/V meeting on Thursday, June 6th! :wave:

Meeting started by @jflory7:fedora.im at 13:01:45 UTC.
Meeting ended at 2024-05-23 13:59:07 UTC.

Meeting summary

TOPIC:Agenda (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:02:19)

  • INFO: (1) Intros, welcomes, hellos (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:02:25)
  • INFO: (2) Team announcements & news (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:02:28)
  • INFO: (3) DEI Advisor updates to the team (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:02:30)
  • INFO: (4) Follow-ups from last meeting (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:02:33)
  • INFO: (5) Ticket-driven discussion (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:02:35)
  • INFO: (6) Open floor (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:02:36)

TOPIC:Intros, welcomes, hellos (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:02:41)

TOPIC:Team announcements & news (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:05:45)

TOPIC:Follow-ups from last meeting (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:09:48)

  • INFO: How This Works: We review past action items from the last meeting. For each action item, we note a quick update on its status and then move forward. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:09:52)
  • INFO: === [@misc, @rwright, @sarah-thornton] Work on DEI events policy draft for DEI Team review === (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:10:23)
  • INFO: Assignees not present; work is ongoing although slowed due to time-off. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:11:04)
  • INFO: === [@ekidney] work on the Q1 quartely report === (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:11:23)
  • INFO: Q1 event report is ready to go, Emma created a ticket, re the header image, so she can update it. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:13:52)

TOPIC:Ticket-driven discussion (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:14:15)

TOPIC:#41: DEI Team 2024 Q1 Quarterly Report (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:15:42)

TOPIC:#19: Fedora Week of Diversity (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:23:45)

TOPIC:#30: Create a central repo for all the DEI event pictures+videos+slides (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:41:18)

TOPIC:#2: New Member template & small docs updates (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:47:46)

TOPIC:Open floor (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:58:17)

Meeting ended at 13:59:07 UTC.

Action items

  • @ekidney Create new featured image for DEI Team quarterly updates
  • @ekidney Request editor review on the CommBlog when featured image is ready
  • @jflory7 Promote FWD call for videos on social media

People present (lines said)


@misc @sarah-thornton If you want to start a thread for that, we can discuss here in Discussion?

@rwright there is a draft that @misc created lately modules/ROOT/pages/policy · dei_proposal · Michael / DEI Team Docs · GitLab and we are using this GitLab ticket to provide feedback

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Thanks Jona - I’ll take a look there!

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