My favorite tech joke

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Gregory reminded me of my favorite computer joke. It goes like this:

Hardware engineer, software engineer, and manager are on their way to a client site in a rental car.

Drive is going fine, but going down from the very top of a steep hill, suddenly the brakes give out. The car careens down the road — they’re weaving back and forth, dodging around slower cars and the oncoming traffic, barely avoiding trees, and so on.

Finally, miraculously, they make it alive to the bottom and coast to a stop on the grass by the side of the road.

Manager says: “Wow! That was terrifying! And amazing! What a story to tell! But we’re going to be late for the meeting… let’s get back on the road!”

Hardware engineer says: “Wait, wait wait. We’ve got to pop the hood, look under the car, figure out exactly what the problem is!”

Software engineer says: “I agree. But first, let’s push it back to the top of the hill and see if it does it again.”


How about this old joke about vim? :smile:

I’ve been using Vim for about two years now, mostly because I can’t figure out how to exit.


This could be written by me. I’m so happy that nano is by default installed nowadays.

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Memmories while working on the Helpdesk.


Not sure if tech:

Heisenberg, Ohm and Schrodinger are in a car. They get pulled over.

Heisenberg is driving, and the cop asks him, “Do you know how fast you were going?”

“No, but I know exactly where I am,” Heisenberg replies.

The cop says, “You were doing 55 in a 35.”

Heisenberg throws up his hands and shouts, “Great! Now I’m lost!”

The cop finds this is suspicious and orders him to pop open the trunk. He checks it out and says, “Do you know you got a dead cat back here?”

“We do now, a$$hole!” shouts Schrodinger, getting belligerent.

The cop moves to arrest them. Ohm resists.


Thursday evening gives me sort of end of the week TGIF feeling, so here is one liner tech joke.

How do trees use a computer? They log in!


Q: How do you tell an extrovert engineer from an introvert engineer?

A: The extrovert engineer is looking at your shoes.


Q:: Why do programmers prefer dark mode?
A:: Because light attracts bugs!



So true…
Remember these days? The cover of the games looks better than the actual games?


You probably just used the wrong platform. I played with Atari and was always amazed how they were ahead of the other ones. Even if they where monochrome the controls looked great.

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What about an API joke I made up?

Hair stylist: How would you like your hair done?
Customer: To pick my favorite, I wanna look like Taylor Swift.
Hair stylist: REST assured, I can curl your hair even when wet.

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[Q] Why don’t developers like nature?

[A] Because there’s too many bugs.

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Q : Why do Java developers wear glasses?
A: Because they can't C#!

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Q$ Why do computer scientists prefer dark chocolate?

A$ Because it’s byte-sized.

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Q% Why did the computer go to the dentist?

A% To get his Bluetooth checked.

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