Merry Christmas, a nice morning/evening, and some relaxing days to the community! Thanks for all your efforts throughout the past months and years!

I wish a Merry Christmas, or a nice evening/morning, (whichever you prefer :wink: ) to the community!

I hope you all spend some nice days and can relax a little (may it be with or without Christmas celebrations :wink: )

Thanks for all your contributions throughout the past months and years: I’m happy to have my reliable Fedora with me all the time - and this is the result of a lot of efforts from the many contributors in this community!

See you then!



Yes, Happy Holidays everyone.

On a funny note, at a stop light earlier today when I was driving in my home town, another car pulled up next to me. The driver rolled down their window and asked “Is your UNIXGURU license plate about the OS?”
I replied “Yeah.”
They asked “What’s your favourite distro?”
I replied “Fedora. What’s yours?”
They replied “Kali.”

Yes, we exchanged our favourite distros at a stop light on Christmas Day :joy: