Thank you, Fedora Friends! (Old VS new Ask, switch to "main" branch)

I just wanted to express my gratitude to all those people making Fedora a great project! Among far too many good decisions and changes, constant maintaining, package reviewing and much more I have two topics that are especially on my mind right now:

  1. Thanks to everyone who played a part in ditching the old ask platform and replacing it with something better, it was really slow, annoying and not really user friendly.
  2. Thanks to everyone who played a part in changing the default branch name to main. It might be only a small gesture, but in my opinion, this is what counts between “Friends” :heart:

Much love and all the best!

OT²: I just accidentally quit my browser, opened it again and there was a nice “View Draft” button which allowed me to finish this post without loosing any time or information. Yes, I look at you, Bugzilla, you Bugreport eating monster!