Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller on Open Tech Will Save Us

Matrix (the chat network folks) have a (virtual, of course) meetup called Open Tech Will Save Us. I was on last week. If you want, you can watch here:

I talk a little bit about Fedora, but mostly about open source in general and why it’s worth caring about, and then I answer some questions. It was fun!


The Mennonite commune part was super fascinating!

Glad you found that interesting! Here’s a picture of baby me and parents with some of the community at that time:

That’s my mom holding me in the front row and my dad with the crazy curly hair (whIch I did not inherit).


Nice interview!
Re: pinephone and fedora, one angle to consider there is that pinephones are really cheap. $150 or so. So, if we can get everything you need for a ‘daily driver’ I bet a lot of people would be interested in them. Of course that assumes pine64 can ramp up production. Anyhow, time will tell…