Moving our meetings


Sorry if it is written somewhere, I haven’t found it. We want to move our meeting from the go-sig room to a main room, as mentioned in Should we have meetings in dedicated meeting rooms, or in the team's own channel? - #11 by kevin where/how do we request a room for a bimonthly meeting on mondays?


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AFAIK, you just reserve a time in Fedora’s calendar:


We have a timeslot there, but we would need to change the location, and be sure it doesn’t conflict with another meeting in the room. I don’t see how to do that.

I think you are supposed to be able to click on the “location” tab and then, e.g., to see what other meetings are scheduled for a room and when. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work very well because those rooms have gained many aliases over the years. There needs to be an agreement about what name should be used to refer to the room and then someone should go through and update all the erroneous names so that things are consistent and that calendar will actually work the way it is supposed to.

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