New PyTorch meeting time and set up

Hi everyone!

After some feedback from everyone, we’re going to change the meeting time and schedule to biweekly meetings. We also want feedback on what you all think would be the best way to communicate assigning roles and tasks, since assigning who is packaging what in the coming weeks. For the new reoccurring meeting time, please fill out the poll for your general weekly availability: Doodle.

We are going to have biweekly meetings moving forward, one will be over video and one will be chat based. The chat based meetings are meant to make the meetings more accessible to others, so this change is not up for discussion. They will be held on Matrix (the link for those who don’t have it:

For meeting notes, I’ve compiled them into a github repo and I will be posting them there after each meeting. For post meeting discussions, we are planning to keep that here on Fedora discussion with new topics being generated as needed. As for delegating tasks, feel free to leave your thoughts below on what you think would be the best platform for communicating once we start packaging everything (matrix, fedora discussion, assigned during meetings, etc). We will discuss that in the next meeting, which I will send out google invites and post it on the fedora calendar.

If anyone has any thoughts, concerns, complaints, agreements, random shark facts, or anything about the new frequency of this meeting, the communication channels, meeting notes, etc, feel free to comment on this discussion.


This was probably meant to be created in Project Discussion

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Should the chat based meeting be in one of the existing meeting rooms instead?

I’ve deleted the meeting I added to Fedocal to make sure to not cause confusion.

Do you mean an existing meeting room on matrix? Or something else

There are dedicated meeting rooms on Matrix which are meant to host meetings.


In the past, those rooms have been where the meetbot bot is running so that the automatic minutes are recorded. I don’t know for certain but I suspect that the plan is to maintain the same convention once the bots are ported to Matrix.

Apologies, I forgot to mention this when we talked about meetings via text. It probably doesn’t matter too much since we’re going to have to do manual notes but if it’s something that we’ll be doing semi-regularly going forward, holding the meeting in one of the meeting rooms would probably be a better choice.

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