Deduplicate meeting channels on Fedocal?

Last week, the Prioritized Bugs and Fedora CoreOS meetings discovered we both expected to be in #fedora-meeting-1 at the same time. This is in part because there are five variations of #fedora-meeting-1 on Fedocal.

The best fix would require some development effort, which is know isn’t a priortity right now. But in the interim, would it be possible to bulk edit existing meetings to use the same style of IRC channel listing? For example

  1. Make all of the fedora-meeting variations into (this is apparently the style that zodbot expects)
  2. Remove the other variations so they don’t show up in the locations listing

(And then do this for -1, -2, -3 also.) This wouldn’t help prevent new meetings from using the wrong format, but at least makes existing meetings consistent until we have a better long-term solution.

(Full disclosure: it turns out that in this case, I was the one who used the wrong format. Probably when making the Freenode → Libera change)

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The idea has my +1. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do actually scan fedocal for one “non-standard” meeting location in one of my scripts (it’s one of the zinebot queries). But I’m assuming that you are only talking about the fedora-meeting* locations, not other “locations” (i.e. “fedora-test-day”) that may not actually exist as a meeting channel.

my @tdays = grep {
    $_->{'meeting_location'} =~ m{^fedora-test-day}
} @{ $mtngs->{'meetings'} };

Could we also remove all meeting locations which haven’t had a meeting in, say, three years?