Fedora docs meeting

I just tried to read the yesterday’s meeting logs, but could find it.

While searching around, I tried the Meetbot facility (https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/). The new look & feel is a great improvement, by the way. There you can list by channel and search by channel.

In “meeting by channel” there is a “fedora-docs” channel, but just for 2018 and older. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our current meetings listed there?

You can also a free text search. Looking for “docs” will get you old stuff as well. Down the list you find our June 08 meeting .

By the way, I found a similar problem with fedora server channel.

I’ll contact the Website & Apps team if they can fix it.


The meeting by channel is about IRC channel, not team name. So if you’re looking at fedora-docs channel, you will actually only see meetings that happened there.
Since our meetings are taking place in fedora-meeting-1, you’ll need to look at that one instead. Or just use the search bar on top:


There was no meeting yesterday as most of us were unavailable.