Change the Magazine editorial board meeting time?

I’d like to meet at a later hour of the day. Anyone else onboard with changing the meeting time?

I wrangled the following information about existing meeting times out of fedlocal. I’m thinking it would be best to try to avoid busy hours. I’m assuming most of the listed meetings are weekly. I didn’t pull the days for the meetings, but if there are more than five for a given hour, then it seems likely that there is one every workday. This isn’t necessarily the case though since there are several different meeting locations. Many of these are also concurrent.

01:00 01:30 ambassadors Fedora Ambassadors Latam Meeting
01:00 02:00 null ambassadors FAmNA
04:30 05:30 G11N G11N 
05:30 06:30 null i18n i18n
10:00 11:00 SIGs Fedora India regular catch up
10:30 11:30  SIGs Fedora i3wm SIG
12:00 13:00 marketing Magazine editorial board
13:00 14:00 council FPgM office hours
13:00 14:00 irc:// ambassadors FZUG (Chinese) IRC Meeting
13:30 14:30 workstation Workstation WG
14:00 14:30  cloud Atomic release go/no go meeting
14:00 15:00 diversity-team Fedora D&I check-in
14:00 15:00 council CPE PO Office Hours
14:00 15:00 fesco FESCo Meeting
14:00 15:00 Security Team activities Security Team Meeting
14:00 15:00 null commops Fedora Social Hour
14:15 15:15 base Base Design WG meeting
14:30 15:00 SIGs Fedora CI SIG
14:30 15:00 SIGs Haskell SIG
14:30 15:00 SIGs DotNet IRC Meeting
15:00 16:00 base Prioritized bugs and issues
15:00 16:00 council CPE PO Office Hours
15:00 16:00 QA Prioritized bugs and issues
15:00 16:00 SIGs Fedora ARM & AArch64 status meeting
15:00 16:00 SIGs java-maint-sig Meeting
15:00 16:00 release-engineering Fedora Release Engineering
15:00 16:00 base Prioritized bugs and issues
15:00 16:00 IoT IoT Working Group weekly meeting
15:00 16:00 QA Fedora QA Meeting
15:00 16:00 Security Team activities Security Team Meeting
15:00 16:00 SIGs KDE SIG Meeting
15:00 16:00 null commops Fedora Social Hour
15:15 16:15 base Base Design WG meeting
15:30 16:00 SIGs Fedora CI SIG
15:30 16:00 SIGs DotNet IRC Meeting
16:00 17:00  commops CommOps Meeting
16:00 17:00  SIGs Fedora i3wm SIG
16:00 17:00 cloud Fedora Cloud Workgroup
16:00 17:00 infrastructure Fedora Infrastructure
16:00 17:00 packaging Fedora Packaging Committee
16:00 17:00 infrastructure Fedora Infrastructure
16:00 17:00 SIGs ELN SIG
16:00 19:00  QA Blocker Review Meeting
16:30 17:30 CoreOS Fedora CoreOS Group Weekly Meeting
16:30 17:30 mindshare Mindshare Committee Meeting
17:00 18:00  SIGs Go SIG Meeting
17:00 18:00 council Council meeting
17:00 18:00 fesco FESCo Meeting
17:00 18:00 server Fedora Server WG
17:00 18:00 council Fedora Council Video Meeting:  Fedora Server revamp
17:00 18:00 council Fedora Council Video Meeting: Is Fedora Linux the next Digital Public Good?
17:00 18:00 council Fedora Council Video Meeting: New account system
17:00 18:00 okd OKD WG Docs Meeting
17:00 18:00 okd OKD Working Group Meeting
17:00 18:00 kde-sig KDE SIG
17:00 19:00 Fedora release F34 Final Go/No-Go meeting
17:00 19:00  Fedora release F34 Beta Go/No-Go meeting
18:00 18:25 infrastructure Fedora Infra Ops Daily Standup
18:00 19:00  SIGs Go SIG Meeting
18:00 19:00 red-team CHAOSS weekly team meeting
18:00 19:00 kde-sig KDE SIG
18:00 19:00 red-team CHAOSS monthly call
18:00 19:00 null design 🎨 Design Team Sessions Live (🎥 Video Chat)
18:30 19:30 ambassadors Fedora-fr
19:00 20:00 ambassadors Fedora UK Ambassadors
19:30 20:30 ambassadors Fedora-fr
20:00 21:00 council FPgM office hours
20:00 21:00 ambassadors Fedora UK Ambassadors
20:00 21:00 epel EPEL Steering Committee
21:00 22:00 SIGs Rust SIG Meeting
21:00 22:00 G11N G11N (L10N focused)
22:30 23:30 podcast Recording session
22:59 23:59 null commops Fedora Social Hour

There are lots of lines (meetings) scheduled between the hours of 14:00 to 19:00. The magazine is currently scheduled for 08:00 US/Eastern (12:00 UTC) (to convert the UTC times to your local timezone, enter the command date -d 'HH:MM UTC' in your terminal; you can use TZ=UTC date -d 'HH:MM' to convert the other way).

I’d like to propose meeting at 15:00 or 16:00 US/Eastern (currently 19:00 or 20:00 UTC). There is a meeting in our current channel (fedora-meeting) at 20:00 UTC on Wednesdays (EPEL Steering Committee). To steer clear of that meeting, I’d like to also propose moving the day to Friday. I also like Friday because I like to think in terms of Sunday through Saturday weeks. Having the meeting mid-week has thrown me off a time or two before. Also, when the queue is running low and things are not scheduled out well in advance, the editor who ends up with the first article has two days (the weekend) to do the editing as opposed to just one day (currently Thursday).

Thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not particularly keen on Friday afternoon meetings. My Fridays tend to be relatively light, so that’s usually the time I can do focus work. I won’t say “no”, but if there are other agreeable times, I’d take them. :slight_smile:

One clarification: right now the meetings are scheduled in US/Eastern. Do you propose we stick to UTC (so that the meeting shifts in people’s local times with daylight saving changes) or would we keep it scheduled in a local time?

Sorry about that, I’ll correct my earlier post.

As for UTC vs US/Eastern, I guess as long as the members are mostly US and the US is on daylight savings time (other than Arizona), it makes since to stick to US/Eastern. Hopefully, someday, the US will move off daylight savings time. When that happens projects with disparate members like Fedora should definitely switch to using UTC.

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OK. I’ll drop moving the day from my proposal then. I still want to avoid interfering with the EPEL meeting if we accidentally run long, so I’m proposing that we move to the fedora-meeting-2 at 15:00 US/Eastern (on Wednesdays) instead (will that be too close to FPgM office hours?).

If Friday works for everyone else, I’ll manage. :slight_smile: But don’t worry about conflicting with office hours, I’m very adept at being in 2 or 3 IRC meetings at once :smiley:

OK. Well, I guess we are just waiting for someone else to chime in as a tie breaker then. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I’m not keen on Friday either for numerous reasons but could accommodate that. Wednesday is probably better for me. 15:00 US/Eastern is Noon for me and the likelihood that I would miss the meeting goes up a bit. How much is TBD. I can do my best to make that work if it suits others.

Later (even by several hours) is quite fine with me. I was attempting to stay within what I’m guessing is Ben’s normal work hours. However, if Ben is cool with even later hours, I’d be happy with that.

Hello @glb, et al, I personally cannot think of a preferred time, although morning meetings are often easier for me since I usually work from my home office at these times, with recent exceptions which deviate greatly from the normal scope of my daily activities.
So, I’ll go along with whatever is collectively decided in this case. Times, in the morning, or late afternoon work best normally.

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Let’s try this: I created a WhenIsGood survey so we can fill in our availability and see what comes up. I set it so that the results are visible to everyone, so after a few days we can look and see what times are the least bad.

So looking at the results, even with four of us, there’s no time that works for everyone.

For no particular reason, I propose 11am Eastern on Thursdays. That’s in the “Best times” for me and rlengland, and “OK times” for glb. Unfortunately that leaves jakfrost out in the cold, but his availability seems pretty limited. If we want to go earlier in the week, 1pm Tuesdays is “OK” for three of us.

Let’s vote in this poll and if there’s a clear consensus on Monday morning, we’ll move next week’s meeting to the new slot.

  • 1pm Eastern Tuesdays
  • 11 am Eastern Thursdays
  • Something else

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Either of those times are really “best” for me, but the poll would only let me choose one (I flipped a coin and went with 11AM, but realizing it is Eastern, I’m now inclined toward 1PM). Also, I made no distinction between OK and best when I filled out the “when is best”. It’s all good to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, it seems like the Thursday option wins. I’ve updated Fedocal to reflect that starting this week.

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11:00 AM EST Thursdays. See you then.
Same IRC meeting channel?

Ah look like it IS the same channel. As you were. Nothing to see here.