Missing switch user option in the KDE spin

I made fresh install of Fedora KDE spin. Then I created some users and I realized I don’t have the switch user option. Is this because of the recent sddm version? How do I switch user?

Hello @fingonfingon ,
There should be the option to select the other users from the login screen even with sddm.

Yeah, there is, but I have to log out first. There’s not switch option. That way, I can’t have two users logged in.

I don’t think you can unless you run Fedora Server or set your workstation up in that fashion.

It was disabled since F34 due to various problems. See the linked bug for more.

Looks like the restriction is still present in the current version of kde-settings (38.2).

I don’t use or follow KDE dev so I can’t advise if it’s a good idea to reverse these settings. If you do, you should test it thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t fail (e.g. losing a running session with unsaved files).

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