Missing "Switch user" button on the lock screen

Since I upgraded to Fedora 33 to 34, the “Switch user” and “New session” buttons disappeared.
But nothing appears on my lock screen, hence others are unable to start a new session without logout current session.
The problem happens on Fedora 34 with all updates.
Can you please guide me in finding a solution?

Are you utilizing gnome or another desktop environment?
If you are using gnome have you disabled all the extensions?
If you create a new user does the same thing occur?


I use KDE.
This problem for all users, old and new


For Reference: 1929643 – logout after switch returns the user to console instead of sddm
Workaround here: Re: F34 - what happened to Switch User? — Fedora KDE

Please note the warning in the workaround.

Hint from Re: F34 - what happened to Switch User? — Fedora KDE is good

If you wish to enable it again (at your own risk!), you may do so by adding the following to “~/.config/kdeglobals”:

[KDE Action Restrictions]