Missing icons fedora silverblue

so, as you can see in the screenshots there are some missing icons in my installation of Fedora Silverblue 39. Only thing I’ve layered are the Nvidia drivers, but the issue was already present.
How can I fix it? Also, is possible to change the icons in files? this are enormous an horrible!

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  • So it’s true that flatpak icons tend to act strangely for some people, but first try to see if Your case is similar with anything in above links. Ask Fedora is proper category and it would be enough if You posted only there. It is totaly misplaced in “Common Issues” and “Proposed Common Issues”.

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You are right I’ve not post any screenshot, sorry, here they are. And yes I know is searchable and I’ve already saw the post you have linked, there is nothing related to my problem there.

Screenshot from 2023-11-22 11-22-06

first screen is from files, second from store

It looks like “Hicolor” icon theme. So, icons are here in all their modesty. Do You have gnome-tweaks installed? Pick some more colorful icon theme.

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If you wish to load additional icon themes you can place them in ~/.icons/ or ~/.local/share/icons/
And then use gnome tweaks to change the icon theme.

Edit: You can also overlay icon themes that are available from the Fedora repositories.

Thanks for the help, now is fixed. I’m wondering why Silverblue ships with this “issue” tho. It seems like an unfinished product with missing icons when instead it work really well.
Thakns everyone.

To be clear, your icon theme was in fact set to Hicolor? That’s definitely not normal. It should be set to Adwaita by default.

Does gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme keep it on Adwaita?

Yes it was. I’ll try and report back as soon as I open my laptop.

confirm that the theme remains Adwaita after that. I don’t really know how was highcolor from the start.