Fedora Sericea 39: Top bar has missing/wrong icons. How do I fix them?

Title. I’m using the latest image (as of Fri Nov 17 12:28:32 2023 UTC), no overlays, etc. so I think it might be a bug. At first I thought it was because of some left-over config files from Silverblue (I rebased because it was too heavyweight) but creating a new user without custom dotfiles doesn’t fix the issue (and neither did installing it with it’s proper image). Some icons are fine, like volume, WiFi, and CPU usage, others like CPU temperature, backlight brightness, charging show tofu glyphs or some non-locale language (see screenshot). After further research, it seems like Sericea uses Waybar, and opening the config file (/etc/xdg/waybar/config) in nano shows further missing icons. I think the problem stems from missing Font Awesome icons, but installing them manually didn’t help, so I decided to ask here. Thanks!

I am on an NVIDIA GeForce 410M (noveau)/i5-2450M Laptop

So did you rebase from Silverblue to Sericea? Plus, it depends on the base configuration the SiG for Sericea chose for the install kickstart file. As sway is eminently configurable, it is likely very basic. Yes Sway spin uses Waybar as default.

Since nouveau does not fully support an nvidia gpu it may be of benefit to try installing the nvidia driver from rpmfusion to see if there is any improvement.

I did rebase at first, however, because of the missing icons I did a clean install using the proper Sericea ISO, which did not fix it. By default, the reinstall didn’t have the ~/.config/sway or ~/.config/waybar folders created anyways (that is if I recall correctly of course).

Sadly my GPU isn’t supported by NVIDIA anymore and I’m quite sure the older drivers don’t support Wayland. Thanks for the suggestion anyways though; I’ll post an update if it works.

Just to clarify:
When you install those fonts manually, how do you install them? Do the icons show up in in the config then at least?

The sway spin ships with a config which is meant to provide a viable (“opionated”) first user experience (as opposed to the “sway desktop” group which uses a more minimalistic config).

I just put them in ~/.fonts and ran fc-cache -f (both as root and my normal user for good measure), logged out, and back in. Edit: Also, the icons don’t seem to work after installing either, it’s the same.

I had the same problem, it happened since the first time i installed Sericea in f38 beta. I’ve installed fontawesome-fonts as layered package and made some icon modification in the waybar’s config file.

I havent upgraded to f39 yet, this is my waybar screenshot