Matrix Chat: Four ways to start Video Call

I didn’t realize we have a variety of FLOSS-options for video call in Matrix chat.

1. Jitsi in Matrix

2. Element call: ‘Video call’ button

3. Video room (Beta): Native Matrix VoIP with Element Call

Social Hour video room uses this feature

4. Element mobile app

Chat app comes alive when it is mobile. You can have seamless communication between different device. There is an option to connect with low bandwidth that switches off camera.

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Can be a good thing, but also makes it confusing to find your way into the right call, haha!

Just curious, was the Docs workshop yesterday hosted in a Jitsi room like this? I should have thought to check the Matrix room, but I had the URL saved in advance and joined directly that way.

No, I used Jitsi Meet link from (moderated meeting of Jitsi server)

Video call in Matrix will require transition period. We need to give enough notice period.

For next few months, Peter and I need to spend more time on workshop curriculum, rather than technology.

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Makes sense and I endorse that! I was asking out of curiosity because I remembered some pain points from before.