Suggest a video/voice conference for F38?

I’m looking for a ‘easy’ to install voice and/or video conferencing for Fedora 38, Gnome desktop edition. It needs to be reasonably privacy respecting.
I have tried Mumble and Matrix. I want Matrix, but it has become a real challenge getting it installed as a host system on a server.
I can follow most instructions and can usually solve installation problems etc, but Matrix grrrr.

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Two things come to my mind:

  • Jisti Meet
  • Nextcloud Talk

both require to run a server but maybe you already have access to a nextcloud server…

Zoom also comes to mind.

Thanks Flo,
Jitsi looks promising, however I do want to run a server, my late night English did not quite get that across :slight_smile: NextCloud has Matrix as backend IIRC? So I tried setting that up and the very steep learning curve and out of date manuals defeated me.

My use case is running a server for my local school community, and for my friends to have a small uncensored place to chat. I would run this on a F38 deployment from home.


Thanks Jeff,
As I said, “reasonably privacy respecting”.
Zoom has just announced that they will be using user data (including chat contents) for training AI.
So Zoom is out, and also Jitsi using their servers retains the right to use user data - so I could self host Jitsi, but it there is no mainline RPM for that - hence the looking for something ‘easy’ (but not so easy as Zoom, I can build Linux from stage 3 and troubleshoot WINE and type things others have told me).

Still looking for options,


With that info, I would agree that zoom may be out. I was not aware of that announcement.


There are several recommendations online, and here is one related link

and another

there are a lot of jitsi host servers out there! as a long time Disrooter I can highly recommend :star_struck: