AI/ML/Pytorch Meeting Format

For the pytorch meetings, we have been doing a cadence of every 2 weeks and alternating between meetings in matrix and video calls via google meet. As near as I can tell, there is agreement that switching methods for every meeting is way more work than its worth and we should just pick one meeting method and stick with it.

To that end, we need to choose one of the methods. I’m creating this topic to gather opinions on which method we should use with the aim of getting this figured out in time for our next meeting on June 20.

I’ve listed my understanding of the general arguments for and against both meeting types at the bottom of this post to the new topic. I’ll try to keep them updated as the discussion progresses.

Matrix Meetings


  • less internet bandwidth required
  • easier for people to catch up if distracted or late
  • zero additional effort for minutes and logs
  • meeting records are easier to archive
  • can be done without proprietary software


  • text based meetings can be more difficult to follow if you’re not used to them
  • lots of typing
  • can lead to “working with screen names instead of people” kind of feeling

Video Meetings


  • can be more obvious that you’re working with people, not just screen names
  • more options for real-time translation


  • someone has to take minutes
  • harder to catch up if you miss something
  • meeting logs are more difficult to archive
  • can be confusing if participants aren’t disciplined to only talk one at a time
  • effectively requires proprietary software

I’m personally okay with both, but have been getting used to Matrix only meetings. I agree with all of your points.

What about:

  • Standard recurring meetings are held on Matrix
  • A standing agenda item to elevate the meeting to Meet (or Matrix video?) if the topics to be discussed for that meeting would benefit
  • Per Fedora release, one separate additional meeting to celebrate what all we’ve accomplished over the release cycle on Meet and talk about SIG member goals over the next release

Im more of fan of the video meetings as it promotes more healthy discussion and as for the proprietary software concerns we can test out matrix video calls