Marketing meeting recap - Thu, Sep 8, 2022

Action items:

  • Upload video Matthew Miller made about the Framework Laptop
    • Isa: Find the person who has access to the YouTube channel
  • Isa: create zoomed in logo for IG profile pic
  • Daimar: Posting further updates to be made to the IG profile
  • Pushing out social media posts
  • Joseph: Take a jab at setting up GitLab boards?

Items to cover next meeting

Next meeting: Thu, Sep 15 at 5pm EDT

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A couple of things done already.

Test Days post is out since it was top priority due to its tight schedule and EPEL post is postponed to the 13th due to it, and I’ll start a proper write on my plans for the changes to the profile by tomorrow afternoon.

Isa already got in touch with the Mindshare team about getting the Instagram profile in with the rest of our social media accounts.

Zoomed in logo for IG is here and should go live by the next few days:

And I took advantage of a little break I had to create a story to announce that the F37 Beta is a GO, which should go live by tomorrow:

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I was taking a look at boards but I think we may have an easier time starting with how we organize social media posts as issues. Here’s a proposal for how to format these issues.

Issue Title

Post topic (desired publish date)


  • Fedora Linux 37 beta released (Sep 13, 2022)
  • EPEL awareness (Sep 2022)


  • List social media platforms it will be posted on
  • Art or picture for post if relevant
  • Art, video, or picture for stories if relevant
  • Captions, in all the forms it should take for the desired social platforms

Use social media label.

Approval Process

As long as Daimar and Isa approve, that’s the most important piece as they’re the ones who have really taken ownership of social media. If one more person can also take a peak to approve then I think it should be good to publish.

Once all of the components are completed, it can be signed off in the comments and move forward. Once the content is posted, it should linked to with one last comment and then the ticket can be closed.

Still thinking about how to make the Boards work because they don’t work like I wish they would, which by letting make lists detached from any values that are in a given issue.

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