Marketing meeting recap, 2022-08-12

We mainly discussed our two projects that are on deck:

During the social media segment we focused more on the design of the Instagram profile specifically. @steiner created this thread to continue that conversation. They also highlighted this ticket on potential icons to use for Instagram Story Highlights that’s pending in the Design Team GitLab. Give input if interested!

Action Items:

  • Campaign: Joseph will write the blog post and try to coordinate a time to record the podcast
  • Campaign: Figure out how to discuss and decide on the next topic to run a campaign for
  • Social media content plan: Set up a space and system for organizing that in GitLab
  • Social media content plan: Discuss further how to reorganize our Instagram page

Next Meeting

We will meet next Friday, August 19 at 9PM UTC (5PM EDT) in our Matrix channel unless a lot of people say they can’t.

Lastly, @duffy made this delightful icon for our Matrix channel and I love it. Thank you for participating in the meeting and making this!