Marketing meeting recap - Thu, Sep 15, 2022

Action items

  • Social media content tracking
    • Team: Look at the Marketing Calendar to integrate into solution.
    • Joseph: Make post about this so others can give input.
  • F37 marketing campaign
    • Joseph: Ask Design Team about writing an article about how they are coming up with the design of the new wallpaper.
    • Joseph: Ask Ben Cotton for ideas on what to write during his office hours.
    • Joseph: Ask CoreOS (Dusty) about what they have new for F37 and if/how an article can help (file a ticket at this link).
  • Joseph: Assemble proposed SOPs to be voted into actual documentation.
  • Joseph: Make SOP for how meetings should run.
  • Daimar: Turn unanswered points into tickets to be discussed next meeting.


  • FCAIC has access to YouTube channel and recommends creating a Mindshare ticket for uploads in the future.
  • If anyone wants to take on any of the SOP action items, please do so!

Next meeting: Thu, Sep 22 at 5pm EDT

Previous meeting: Thu, Sep 8, 2022

I couldn’t make into this meeting to provide some feedback, but I’ve been talking to @duffy a couple of weeks ago when I had the idea to make an Instagram post about it, since she usually posts artwork creation related stuff in her personal blog, if she’s up for it we could turn it into a whole marketing campaign for the Design focused month later this year, instead of having it go live for now.

It would give us more time to plan this properly and work on it in detail.

It would be cool to have the story of how F37 wallpaper came to be around the time that it releases because I think it can provide a cool connection with the default wallpaper that you rarely have.

But I’m also down for running a campaign for the Design Team in the future also, and this can come back up during that time via social media. Something like “Here’s a great a example of the thought our Design Team puts into their own work” and then we link to back to this same article.

Ultimately up to them, but I think we can do both.

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Then how about this:

A blog post + social media post about the default wallpaper by the time F37 releases AND a separate carousel post + story sharing her blog post on it for more details on F37’s extra wallpapers design process by the time we get around to the design-focused month?

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This sounds good to me!

We had a meeting on Sep 22 but didn’t have a ton of new actions items. Also, most the action items in this topic are still relevant so I’m just adding our few new tasks to this topic.

Action Items:

  • Daimar: Ask Mindshare where IG profile can be changed
  • Joseph: Learn how to make a separate GitLab project just for social media posts