Marketing team meeting June 24th

Marketing meeting to talk about:

  • Ticket Triage
  • Open Floor

Actions from previous meeting:

  1. @joseph will create a GitLab issue to work on TPs for F37
  2. @x3mboy will separate the issue by article and put a cadence to review each one
  3. @x3mboy ask mattdm about creating the instance

This meeting will happen at Fedora’s Meeting 3rd Matrix Room

Hope to see you there!
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I think that this ticket about EPEL needing more contributors mixed with the below idea I had that I posted in Matrix could be our first little project. @isagordillo, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this too. I would like to discuss in the meeting if we can. :slight_smile:

The idea

What if we had campaigns where for each month there is one team or effort in the Fedora community that we highlight.

I’ll use an example that came up today. The EPEL team is in need of contributors, so we could have posts and maybe a blog post that says “this month we want to highlight the EPEL team!” And then over the course of the month post things about EPEL like fun facts, talking points, and the experience of contributors.


  • Focused marketing for a specific team in the community. Hopefully over time we cover all groups and start looping back around.
  • It narrows down the choices for potential new contributors. Instead of them having to check out different corners of the community, we do it for them and maybe on a given month it happens to be the area that peaks their interest.

Added to the agenda :smiley:

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I really like this idea. I think consistent campaigns are a good way to increase engagement.

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