Marketing Meeting - Thu, Nov 10, 2022

About our meetings

This section includes general notes or info about our team meetings.

Social Agreement

  • You agree to be recorded and uploaded to peertube
  • Focus on listening
  • Stay present as much as possible, refrain from email/chat/etc
  • Let everyone have a chance to speak, be aware of how much time you are talking
  • Be mindful of the meeting schedule and help to move the dialog forward
  • Use the raise hand function
  • Stay on mute when you are not speaking

Meeting agendas

  • Intros, welcomes, hellos (~5m)
  • Team announcements & news (~5-10m)
  • Follow-ups from last meeting (if any) (~5-10m)
  • Ticket discussions (remaining time)
  • One Social Media post discussion (5 minutes)
  • Open floor (remaining 5-10 minutes)

November 10, 2022


  • Joseph Gayoso


  • Joseph Gayoso
  • Jeff
  • Isa Gordillo


GitLab Tickets

  • Microblogging SOP
    • Isa grabbing this item as part of SOP documentation we’re doing.
  • Create mastodon account and plan for running that
    • Joseph running with this, but it’s not high priority. Will add notes in ticket
  • Linkedin
    • Isa will try and contact owners and ask for Marketing team access
  • Highlighting Fedora uses in the wild by organizations
    • Contact Tom Calloway for ideas on uses of Fedora in the wild.
    • Also he maintains Chromium.
    • For this kind of ticket that has to do with ideas, we decided to tag it as recurring and leave it active for ideas to develop in the ticket. Then once a post is solid enough, that post can become it’s own ticket and move into our established pipeline.

Open Floor

Tickets to create