Logging out appears broken with the latest bits

Last one from me today (probably).

I tried this on a laptop and desktop, both with Fedora 37 and KDE 5.27 and the latest up-to-the-nanosecond bits.

Logging out results in the screen being turned off under Wayland, and the screen going black with the mouse pointer still active under X11. On neither configuration can you get back to the login screen - SDDM in my case. You have to reboot.

I’ll likely file a bug on this too, unless there’s a reason not to.

I don’t know about youse guys & girls but using Fedora feels to me like working on an in-development operating system. That’s not entirely a bad thing per se, but it feels like there’s no actual ship date with Fedora! (I’ve only been using it for 3 months)

I did file a bug on this one - 2172086. It’s completely reproducible for me and it’s pretty serious requiring a reboot to work around.

I should create another user and see if still happens…

On my laptop I created a second user. I can log out and back in again all day with that user, X11 or Wayland. Soon as I switch back to the original user I can log out but the screen goes black and I can’t get back to a login screen.

The really weird thing is this bad logout behavior is observed on two different machines; they behave the same with X11 or Wayland selected.