Logout/Login Bugs in Plasma Wayland. Should I be using X11?

Are most people using Plasma (X11), or have many made the move to Wayland? I ask because I am experiencing some issues which I think are related to Wayland and I’d like to know if they’re widespread or just me.

I think I’ve found bugs related to the biggest issues I’ve found:



The kscreenlocker issue sounds like it will be fixed in Plasma 5.23, so I suspect this is still widespread?

The kwin crash issue is marked resolved as of Plasma 5.20, but I am getting the same crashing. Not sure if the root cause is related, so I don’t know if it’s widespread or just my system. When I choose Logout, I just get a black screen and the display output cuts out.

Haven’t used KDE in a while, and the last time I did Wayland wasn’t recommended. Is that still the case? Are most people using KDE on X11?

I’m not using Kinoite but I am using the KDE Plasma spin. I switched to Wayland when it became the default in F34. I haven’t seen the unlock bug (439096) but I do have the kwin crash (420077). On the other hand, I don’t generally log out—I either shut down or lock the screen.

By and large, Wayland has worked well for me. The biggest annoyance I have is that copy/paste isn’t always reliable (sometimes I have to copy twice).

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That’s interesting. The unlock bug (439096) seems like it’s affecting AMD GPUs, looking at the bug comments. And it also happens after the screen to go into off/low-power mode. So maybe you’re not affected because of one or both of those? I’m still hopeful that it’ll get resolved in 5.23, as it says.

The kwin crash (420077) is more concerning now, seeing as that bug has been closed for a while as ‘fixed’. Maybe there’s another bug being tracked out there that I missed that’s still open.

I’ve also experienced the copy/paste issue as well. Another minor issue has been during a mouse click-and-drag, the mouse button seems to release for a split second and ruins the drag. Though I’ve noticed that in GNOME as well, so I think that may be more a Wayland issue than a Plasma one.

I’ve been having varying degrees of difficulty with that as well. The degree of the problem seems to vary a bit from kernel version to kernel version. It has, at times, been extremely bad for me. But I suspect a contributing factor in my case might be that I’m using a very low-end AMD system. FWIW, I submitted a video recording of the problem when it was particularly bad to this bug report. In the video, I am holding the left mouse button down continuously as I try to highlight the lines of text.

I had been using XFCE for a very long time but really wanted to get started with Wayland so I installed F34 with KDE / Plasma but it was annoying so I switched to Sway - it was a bit of a culture shock but I am really liking it! I have had a few weird things happen but I have no idea if they reach down to the Wayland level or not - if I start noticing some reproducibility of the problems I will start asking questions about how to debug Wayland . .

I’m running Wayland Kinoite on my laptop (works great) and Wayland KDE Classic Spin on my workstation and I have the screenlocker crash as I have a “multiple input” monitor that cycles through the inputs and that triggers the crash. This does not happen on the laptop as it only has a single screen.

All of this should be fixed in 5.23 which should arrive just a bit after the F35 release. I also have the copy/paste between XWayland & Wayland apps bug which should also be resolved with 5.23.

I’m also getting really bad font rendering in GTK Flatpak applications that are using Wayland. For example, this is how Geany looks:

Seems like this is a long-standing bug. What’s everyone’s feeling about having this shipping as an open bug in Kinoite? Seems like a pretty bad user experience.

Edit: Going into Flatseal and disabling the wayland socket, and enabling x11 , fixes the font rendering and also the theming:

This might be the reason this is happening - from the comments section of this Reddit post:

Ok, I think I know what it is. xdg-desktop-portal-gtk was upgraded to 1.10, and the settings portal was disabled along the way. No wonder the settings are not available inside the sandbox (the theme does not work either), and the fallback is terrible as you can see. This should not be Kinoite-specific, but rather Fedora 35+Wayland+Gtk flatpak+non-GNOME desktop specific.

Overlaying the package xdg-desktop-portal-gnome fixes this issue. Not sure if Kinoite include this as part of the base OS image, or Fedora should build xdg-desktop-portal-gtk with the --enable-settings option going forward.

See Issue #120: Fedora 35 KDE should ship with xdg-desktop-portal-gnome to avoid ugly fonts in GTK flatpak applications on wayland - SIG - Pagure.io. Mostly will add it to Kinoite by default soon.

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