Livecd-iso-to-disk tool error dracut-initqueue

Hello !

I need to create a custom live USB (i need software like audacity, hardinfo, nvidia etc, on a live USB with Fedora). For this, i use the lastest LiveCD/USB and add all my softs and configurations, and then i use the livecd tool :

yum install liveusb-creator

livecd-iso-to-disk --format --reset-mbr –efi --overlay-size-mb 2024/run/initramfs/livedev /dev/sdX (where X is my USB Key location)

i have no issues at all when running this cmd but after, when i plug my custom USB Key on a computer, the OS won’t boot at all… I have errors with dracut-initqueue :

fedora dracut-initqueue[622]: Warning: dracut-initqueue: timeout, still waiting for following initqueue hooks:

Warning: /dev/disk/by-uuid/… does not exist
Warning: /dev/root does not exist

Can someone help me ?

thanks in advance !

Would you like first to plugin your USB then run lsblk -f and post it here.

From there we could see the partitions layout of your custom live USB and may be we can figure out where the grub.cfg and/or loader, then check if the UUID inside grub.cfg and/or loader are correct.

Hello !

Here the result of lsblk and my grub.cfg after running the cmd livecd-iso-to-disk

Here the grub.cfg and lsblk :

Everything seems to be correct at all … Same UUID

:thinking: If /dev/sdc use GPT partition layout and the setup is for UEFI machine at least 2 partition layout. One using FAT for UEFI boot information and the other can be any others file system, in your case ext4.

But if it use MBR and for Legacy BIOS, maybe above are enough. We just need to make sure that the boot flag correctly set to where the boot placed.

I think when you create the setup, the partition for UEFI information not installed to /dev/sdc and instead it created in /dev/sdb. I’m not sure, but I think that would be complicated.

Bellow I shared 2 setups I have. On /dev/sdb is normal Fedora Linux live USB and /dev/sdc is my portable Fedora Linux installation on external drive.

sdb    iso966 Joliet E Fedora-WS-Live-35-1-2 2021-10-26-06-03-59-00                              
├─sdb1 iso966 Joliet E Fedora-WS-Live-35-1-2 2021-10-26-06-03-59-00                     0   100% /run/media/rizal/Fedora-WS-Live-35-1-2
├─sdb2 vfat   FAT16    ANACONDA              A4EE-315B                                           
└─sdb3 hfsplu          ANACONDA              6632cc02-5ada-3832-a9be-9043258bdfc9                
├─sdc1 ntfs            RIZAL-TM              8AF4C627F4C614FB                                    
├─sdc2 vfat   FAT32                          B6CA-66AE                                           
├─sdc3 ext4   1.0                            48ed1f83-ec19-4891-924b-901c3ec1235d                
└─sdc4 btrfs           fedora_localhost-live 3d5981af-44d8-46f4-bf0b-01ec3a7f87b2     25G    11% /run/media/rizal/fedora_localhost-live

As you can see, all have their own partition to save UEFI boot informations with FAT filesystem.

hardinfo has been rebooted as community edition hardinfo2!!
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