Booting a fresh DOS machine, dracut-initqueue timeout, /dev/root deos not exist


I got a fresh HP 255 G8 laptop with R7 5700u. I am trying to install a fedora36 with no success. the live usb gets detected, yet i’m receiving “dracut-initqueue timeout”. and receive an emergency shell.

i validated the live usb on another machine.

i checked my booting setting to validate i can boot from usb.

so, my question, has anyone gone through that before? and what should i do?

when i boot to DOS, it get a prompt on C:> . If i type dir, i got content and volume label for C, should this volume label be something specific for grup to detect it?

are there any considerations regarding DOS?

Thanks in advance.



  • Had to use USB3.0 live usb instead of usb2

You are obviously NOT booting from a fedora 36 installation USB. A fedora live media will NEVER show a dos prompt with C:> when booting.

What is the name of the image ISO that you supposedly put onto the live USB for booting?
How was it written to the USB?

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the fedora 36 installation usb reports dracut-initqueue timeout, with a warning /dev/root doesn’t exist.

the media was wirtten with Fedora media writter, Rufus 3.2, Ventoy. all yield same results.

Make sure you’re booting in UEFI mode - it needs to be enabled in BIOS and you have to choose proper boot entry (in case you have more than one (e.g. if you keep CSM/legacy boot mode enabled). You should have no issues with Secure Boot enabled.

show us your system bios settings just grab a image and post here make sure you include all from boot

i added the image