Issues with Fedora 38 install

I have looked all over and can’t find a solution to a problem just booting the f38_x86_64 iso
I’m using ventoy but have booted fedora install from it before. I am having the issue of
/lib/hooks/dracut-initqueue/devexists-/ fails and can get it to boot to the but that’s it. I don’t have the drive I want to install to plugged in on boot up but it’s because my system doesn’t like certain sdas and so I’m running via a usb drive.

Does the live image ISO boot at all? If not then what do you see?

With ventoy it should just boot the live image normally and give you the live desktop.

I am not sure I understand what you are saying or seeing from the description given.

It boots from ventoy. The default location is test this media but if I select start fedora live without quiet or rhgb, then it boots to a point where it shows my sdx with sd(x) 1,2,3 and then stalls but prints crng init done. After the crng line I get repeats of dracut-initqueue /lib/hooks/darcut-initqueue/devexists-/ timeout. And only if I put in the kernel cmdline am I allowed to do anything but it’s not much.

It boots the image but then crashes with the dracut-initqueue msg repeated