Linthesia: get an old package back to life

Hi, linthesia has released a new version 0.7.0 Release 0.7.0 · linthesia/linthesia · GitHub

wonder what’s the process to update package

If it’s already packaged, you can open a PR with updated files to :slight_smile:
If that’s not in your capacity and you really need the package updated, the best way would be to request the maintainers to do so (though this is not that preferred - IMO)

Also, you can see if the package is added to – which monitors upstream releases and broadcast them on Fedora messaging bus which can open a bug with update request.

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I cannot find linthesia in the repositories, so it does not appear to be packaged already:

@albfan are you sure you’re using this from the Fedora repositories, or are you looking to include it in Fedora? I’ll be happy to help you with the latter also.

@ankursinha I’m maintainer for the project.

Looks it never was packaged on fedora, yes. Probably all related feedback was from users building from source in fedora.

I added a flatpak release Linthesia 0.7.0 by albfan · Pull Request #2761 · flathub/flathub · GitHub which might be enough, just curious about how to restart all the downstream release.

I have copr user if that helps to create an AUR like package (arch linux user packages)

Not sure about policy to include or not a package in fedora. I can work on it with some guidance.

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Sure. To include a package in Fedora, you start here:

You can use COPR if you’d like too, but then it isn’t in the Fedora repos—users will have to go enable the COPR to use it.

You will still need to write a SPEC file to create an RPM, so the first link will still be relevant. Here’s the COPR specific documentation: