How to ask for the update of a Fedora-maintained RPM package (like Scribus)?


In many cases Flathub Flatpaks are ahead of Fedora-maintained RPM packages for obvious reasons. In some cases though RPM packages lag months behind them: for e.g. Scribus 1.5.8 came out early this year, but the Fedora RPM version is still at 1.5.7.

Is there any platform where requests for RPM package updates can be registered by users? Flatpaks are great, but using Fedora-maintained RPM packages might be the preferred way to install software. I’m asking it from curiosity, and to learn how the maintenance process works, no push whatsoever.

Thank you advance!

You will have to talk to the package maintainer.


Thanks @augenauf for pointing me to here – this is what I was looking for. :slightly_smiling_face: