What should be done if requests for a new package version are not answered?

Example: 1977025 – kitty-0.24.1 is available

The last packaged version was released on Jun 27, 2021 and there have been several upstream versions since then.

As a user, what else could/should one do to help bring about an update to such a package?

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We have this policy



Other options:

  • open a pull request to help the maintainer (maintainers are volunteers and often get busy with dayjobs and life, and have to limit their volunteering time).

If you’re not a package maintainer, you’ll have to use these instructions:


  • apply for co-maintainership so you can help maintain the package.

As a long term goal, measure the time and effort needed to submit an update for review, and simplify the process.

There’s a lot of work on-going to simplify packaging already, but there’s no substitute for understanding the build system etc.

Chiming in on posts saying “you should do this” doesn’t help. It’s all very well to say “do this”, but it’s always preferable in the community to say “I think this can be improved, so I’ll go ahead and work on it”. So if you have concrete ideas of improvement, please work on implementing them to help the community. Even just starting a discussion on the the correct channels with ideas would be a good step to take :+1:

Says “you should do this” post.

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