How To - RPM Building, Step two

I am trying to expand my knowledge on RPM building, I have followed the Fedora Packaging Guidelines and the RPM Packaging Guide. Both are good resources, but I’m trying to take my custom RPM’s to the next level and develop a good workflow and best practices.

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If you package software that is still actively developed, you might want to set up some way to check for upstream updates. Especially once you have a few packages, and they are on different repository hosting sites, it’s time consuming to check one by one.

You can write a simple script, for example, fetch upstream latest tag and compare against the version in the spec file (or that you stored somewhere), and email/notify you if different. One way to organise it is have an individual script for each spec file / package, then a master script to call the other scripts, and a timer/cronjob to run the master script.

A tip for this, you can query git refs without cloning/fetching the repo:

$ git ls-remote --tags

Alternatively, you can use anitya to do the monitoring for you and access it by web API.