Light shell for gnome desktop experimentation

simply the missing gnome shell you had been searching for



want to see the full demo ? watch here
interested on this idea ? see full details here

im curious to see what fedora user thinks about this.
please leave your comment below.
many thanks for your parcitipation :blush:


Sort of to my surprise, I like it!

I’m a big fan of GNOME’s stay-neutral, get-out-of-the-way design, and I think this does a good job of sticking to that while providing another option.

Although… with the dark mode, the “void” behind the overview makes sense to me. With light mode, I don’t love the big expanse of gray. Maybe that should / could have some texture of some sort? I know this is completely in cognitive dissonance with what I just said about minimalism.


I like it. I tend to work in a well lit space, so this would be just the thing for me.

thanks for your opinion. about the gray background overview it can be noised a bit or give it a blur. but i prefer it just stay like a clean white desk, if its me i prefer just play with the brightness or color tweaks.

what im propose here is to give user choice, not to replace gnome theme or anything. just having dark shell fell like leaving light user fans behind.

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Here is the issue

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I was wondering about using a blur on whatever background the user has chosen for the overview, rather than a fixed solid color.

Does that make sense?

Actually there was some discussion on gnome forum which i have started initially
Here is the link on going discussion

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I really like the idea! This would make the light mode completely consistent like the general design philosophy of GNOME itself. If it’s possible to make it work together with a planned light/dark mode switcher, I can imagine using this.

I wish you good luck with your project!

I definitely like it. Currently, there’s only a choice between the “default” style, which is inconsistent half-light and half-dark, and the “dark” style, which is ugly. I want a true light theme! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really like the pure white theme. I would also keep the default available, so three versions:

  1. pure white
  2. ‘default’ black bar, white apps
  3. pure dark mode

There are also some issues in my opinion, for example on how some icons are designed for dark background and have low contrast on pure white theme.

Schermata del 2023-03-19 19-57-13
Schermata del 2023-03-19 19-58-19

A fix for this would probably be to let the application have two variants for their icons, a first one for the standard shell theme and the other one for the pure white theme.

I like the idea. Although, I wish there would be some blur/transparency/glass effects too. Blur my shell does a great job, but there are many areas which are out of reach of the extension for now. I’m well aware that many are against that, but being able to opt for a mild usage of them would be great.

I don’t like the idea that people are thinking users will ONLY ever use either a dark or light version of one restricted theme.

thank you for all the feedback, i will take it into consideration.

and thanks for referencing the gnome discourse, i think that’s more approriate place to discuss this matter.

@mattdm wow i just realized that you are fedora boss sir.
my best gratitude for taking your time commenting on my humble project :pray:

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I love it too, is this going to be a feature of gnome or add in feature (extension) ? @dikasp

I tried other DE’s and always come back to Gnome its fast, and very stable and gets out of your way.

There is nothing really lacking but I wish the notifications wern’t right in the middle of the screen as it interrupts my workflow. any idea how to move it to the side.?

perhaps give the background transparency or give the foreground more contrast or borders around the icons

“Boss” seems a little strong — no one ever has to do what I suggest. :classic_smiley: But thank you!

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your too humble,

Love your fedora/lenovo reviews, lots of sirens in that location…

@bennyisaiah i dont know as im not the main developer. im just voicing my fellow light user needs. hopefuly the official developers will featured this into GNOME.

im doing this because light theme is astethicaly colorful and intuitive alternative aside dark theme. us light user really miss they dont come default with our beloved GNOME desktop.

regarding your question, if you just want to rearrange items in top bar you can install gnome shell extension and use these Top Bar Organizer - GNOME Shell Extensions

if you are coming from other desktop you can also tranfsform gnome to mimic whatever workflow of your previous desktop. here is example of my win11 desktop style, even better with floating bar.


you can create a pull request and see what are the comments you get and fix them it will be better.