Light shell 44 - available now

introducing the community made light shell for latest gnome 44 :party:
this release is a revision of previous gnome shell full light theme.
continuous improvement done to make the shell more comfortable to use.

grab the theme

thumb1(1) thumb2



hope you enjoy it :bluethumb:

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a bit of the current state of theme settings in default gnome

im happy light theming are considered now in gnome development to some extent.
some areas are still dark for usability or coding direction last time i heard.
im respecting whatever gnome dev decision, they must have their own means & good reason. but truthfuly im still going with my opinion. these are some mockup i create from gitlab discussion:

overall, these are opensource world for you.
everything is possible if you want it to be (with some effort of course).
for experimentation purpose im curious about your opinion:

  • i think gnome’s default (mixed) & global dark theme settings already good.
  • i think light & dark theme choice just like in android/windows/mac would be good.

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thank you.


I like this project very much. I miss a light theme in Gnome so much. I’m glad I came across this thread. I will test. Thank you

New Banner, Some Paperwork, News & Memes

the banner in gitlab has been updated to be aestethicaly ~ pleasing…

some online research say there is about 40% or less light prefered user in average, no wonder they are rare species :slight_smile: . but that doesnt mean light or any theme is bad, everything had its own pros & cons.

and actually Google & AOSP did it nicely in Android 12 and everybody was happy with it (just a very small exception for some user) the light shell takes some cues from there.

im happy light shell had been shared and circulating in the net recently. while im praised the enthusiasm there is also bad impression about light shell being too bright, too white, or whatsover (before they even test the actual theme).

i think the problem here is the end user presentation. i seen badly edited thumbnails and pictures that often distort the actual light shell images.

my general tips here is to avoid raster image editor for skew/transform images, use vector instead and also use approriate lightning. if i were to give light design material maybe i will made something like this:

lastly here is some memes for fun!

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