Light shell available now - as extension!

well folks, light shell theme development release has ended.

because its available as extension now :wink:

way more easier to install, test, remove, and upgrade. grab while it still hot.
directly accessible from extension manager or gnome shell extension website.

this will be last light shell release notification.
see you again in another thread :wave:


Will this included in gnome 45 shell.?

currently not because they differ in preference. gnome aims for more (general) usability matters (i presume), compared to light shell that seek more consistency.

which one do you like and why? can you give me some feedback? :slight_smile:

gnome 45
overview designed to give you focus and be distracting free.

light shell
overview designed for more consistency while retains some usability as possible (therefore its smokeywhite colored).

still there is this slight possibilty for light shell to be considered by gnome though.

as my previous say, gnome is more aimed at (general) usability matters (i presume). however if you looked into user coverage, light shell actually more accesible because it can cater for people who had disability with dark interface.

“The bottom line is to be the most accessible, you really need to do both a dark theme and a light theme and allow your users to select the one that works best for them.”

so having a identical full light counterpart is a finely valid reason there :wink:

2nd one make more senses and looks nice also 1st one is a kindof transition between white and black.

thank you, if anyone had a suggestion or feedback i would love to hear it :slight_smile:

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