Light shell for gnome desktop experimentation

i think this requires collaboration from several gnome project mainly the gnome shell, libadwaita, and gnome design. it best to be shipped by main developers to be discoursed and acknowledged first, so every developer gets the idea and can conform with it.

what we can do is just ask them politely and be thankful that they created our beloved GNOME in the first place.

Allan day maybe the right person for that you can ping him. If he can help.
Mock ups are mostly posted here

thanks for the reference

wow thats incredible. i had no idea you could do that. i have many people who want to come from windows, but I think that theme would infringe on ms windows IP and trademarks no?

Besides it would look better with a Fedora theme and branding

EIther way that is super cool

Edit : Oh wait I can see it does have a Fedora/Gnome theme, my mistake

some new draft initial commit has been made. thanks to sir Florian Müllner .

hopefuly they will advance this further.

looks there many component changed to make light shell variant fully integrated and user ready as apposed (to what i think) to just shoved the alternative theme into something like gnome-tweaks. but thats are better.

because im happy here is join the light side joke bonus.


Good to see that it is now in design hopefully it will be in gnome 45 thanks to your efforts.

! call for opinion !

do you prefer and willing to sacrifice some parts of usability to get consistent full light theme variant or do you prefer the other way ? now this is your chance to give your voice (these also will be used as reference for later dev discussion).

you can give feedback to the gitlab or simply just comment below. your voice will be important for the future of light in gnome shell theme.

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During the day my workspace is very well lit and a light theme is just right. I switch to dark after dark.


In day time or in or in direct sunlight fully light mode is nice.


isn’t consistency is a part of usability itself ? imagine having white apps with other dark only apps then now there is other apps want to have its own titlebar color (metadata cleaner flathub) and there is app who doesn’t care at all (mpv). full dark or full white are fine, mixed is the weird one.


This isn’t about sacrificing usability it’s about improving it through consistency and improving accessibility also.

As others have pointed out the accessibility needs of some are simple: light mode during the day/when the environment is light, dark mode during the night/when the environment is dark.

These are valid use cases.

“Mixed mode” is an inconsistent expression of personal taste. If we were to carry the only design justification I’ve heard of mixed mode (that the shell must contrast with apps to separate the two and keep focus on the apps) consistently to dark mode then the shell should be light in dark mode.

Please implement consistency and support the use case of automatically switching from light to dark mode by time of day (auto set to sunset but configurable by the person.)


thanks @aralbalkan i think your answer are the complete approriate wording i’ve been searching for.

im not very skilled as spokesperson myself , perhaps it just best for me to tell with images (i hope fedora admin wouldnt be mad with me flooding their server regulary with images. but i keep my best to include high quality, fun and reasonable infographic) :slight_smile: .


I appreciate the visual example. This looks great.

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They all look beautiful to be honest. Top bar needs to be less transparent through for the light theme.

I however miss having the dock located on the side as it was back in Fedora 33, not sure why they switched it

also from a UI point of view I find the notifications interrupt workflow when it pops up as it comes to far down the screen.

Thanks. But, again, there’s no reason for it to lose a star for usability :slight_smile: Usability and consistency share a positive correlation. Consistency improves usability.

well i think GNOME is just catering to fulfill general user needs, personal tastes is a different matter.

if you want your old vertical overview back there also extension for that.

i mean by usabilty like how easy for you to differentiate apps and workspace like you say for mixed usecase.

and i mean consistency like how all colorscheme and fell should be the same and coherent across the workspace.

and lastly the accessibility is possibilities that it can conform with people with disabilities (cant see well in dark/light)

again theme is subjective matter, what is certain is everything had its own advantage and disadvantage.

we just propose to widen the spec of that so it caters and fullfill more general user needs :wink:

Yeah its just not the same, your right I am one of the few that loved the old gnome 3

I loved the way the the icons went over the top of the wallpaper… kind of like a macos feel.

like this:

the icons where a better size for desktop users

Not liking the separated section of the applications nowaday in gnome 40

now gnome seems to be designing the icons for tablets and touch screen


Getting Flathub apps to play along will probably always be an extra step.

i guess the development of official light theme will still be a long discussion and implementation. but im glad there is no sign of rejection on the idea of supporting full light theme alternative.

for you who used to say “i wish they have light one just like my android and windows” or “must be nice if the theme can match my bright office”


Draft: css: Fixes and accommodations for the light theme (!2515) · Merge requests · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab

it still a concept whatsover
but hey, its there :partying_face:

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