LibreWolf Browser Keeps Closing

Hi All…
I have been reviewing a lot of browsers seeking a more private and secure user experience and decided that LibreWolf was probably the best to cover my needs… after installing directly from the “Discover Software Centre” from within Asahi, when I launch the app [flatpak version], it closes a few seconds later…

Anyone know why this would happen… ??? Anything I can do to fix this, or is it simply not compatible with my Asahi KDE OS… ?

Rather keen to get this working if possible… ?


So… after more reading, I may have found the solution for myself, to do with permissions to run in background. Just testing this now… if it works, I will post again for others to find the solution :slight_smile:

LINK: Every time open the browser it close after 10s - #2 by yuntaz


YES… that solved it! :slight_smile: