App Auto-Update with Flatpak

Hi All…

Very happy with Asahi on my MBP… 6 weeks in and still very grateful for it’s creation, thanks to Devs!

Still learning: So I have installed LibreWolf Browser via Flatpak… LibreWolf says it doesn’t auto update itself, but my question is does Flatpak auto update the LibreWolf as I used Flatpak to install it… ??? Or do I have to somehow still update LibreWolf manually, if so, then how… ???

NOTE: Flatpak Backend is installed but I DONT see anywhere in there to “turn on” auto downloads.


Flatpak can automatically update all Flatpak apps for you, and it should be configured correctly by default. You can find the update settings under System Settings → System Administration → Software Update.

You can also update Flatpak apps manually through the Discover (Software Center) or running command in the terminal:

flatpak update -y
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Thanks for that… all sorted now :]

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