Gnome Software's Automatic Updates don't work

Gnome Software does automatically download & install Flatpaks, but i’ve been testing the feature, it’s been like 3 days, and it never automatically updated RPM packages.

Maybe the frequency at which it updates is too sparse, and I’m too impatient? Or does it only trigger if you restart the computer? If that’s the case, increasing the frequency to daily and making it trigger on shutdown would be massively helpful
I tried to find documentation on how this feature works to check if there was a setting in a config file or a bug, but I couldn’t find anything.

This is problematic because my parents are the kind of users who never update. Having Gnome Software being more active really helps maintenance.

GNOME Software should automatically update stuff every two weeks, unless there’s a critical update pending, in which case it should happen without delay.


Thanks for the help! Good to know I was being overly vigilant with updates.