Every time open the browser it close after 10s


I use LibreWolf browser and I have click on pop-up message said that do you want to stop the librewold from running in background and the stupid click yes (You know who is the stupid ) and now every time I run the librewolf it killed after 10s, and I want to stop this stupid thing from happening, so if you know something can help me with let me know

INFO may help you with helping me :slight_smile:
BTW I am using Fedora 39 with KDE spin, and the librewolf from flathub, and I have installed the fedora today and the upgrade still running in backgroud

You can configure LibreWolf to run in the background using Flatseal | Flathub (or from Fedora Flatpak repo)

thank you so much bro, I didn’t know that there is cool software like Flatseal to edit all the permissions of flatpaks :slight_smile: