Laptop stuck in loading screen after shutdown/restart

I recently installed the latest updates fro my laptop. But, now whenever I try to turn it off or restart it it just gets stuck in this screen. It is probably related to the fact that when I tried to update it earlier, It was at a really low battery and also got stuck in this screen. So I held the power button down to turn it off and tried again. Now that’s the only way I can turn it off. Any idea’s?

As with any computer and any OS you should never interrupt an update since that can corrupt the OS and leave things out of sync or unusable.

If you can get the system to boot then we can probably recover. You may need to use the live install media to do initial recovery then fine tune that once it boots to the installed OS.

For a laptop, never do an update when the battery is low, and you should only do so when on AC power to prevent this type issue.

Yeah I know it’s bad to interrupt an update, but it didn’t look like it had started that yet, it was just hanging at the shutdown screen i sent before in the picture. But yeah, lesson learned about updating on low battery. I was plugged in too, but I’m guessing I still should’ve waited a few more minutes.

I can still boot into it (typing this on it now actually), the only thing that seems to not be working is the shutdown. I’m actually wondering if it’ll fix itself once another system update comes through (which will probably happen sometime tomorrow or the day after). What would I have to do with the live install media if that doesn’t work?

I have no idea why, but after what’s probably been the 6th time restarting it, it has stopped doing that and now shuts down/restarts properly. Maybe some background task finally finished? Anyways, thank you @computersavvy for the help and the tip

To make certain everything is in sync you may want to run sudo dnf distro-sync and let that clean anything that may be lingering from this issue.

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